How many experts does it take to turn your light out? The National Sleep Foundation asked 18.

In drawing together a panel of specialist doctors, clinicians and researchers to analyse and review the results of over 300 sleep studies, the Foundation wanted to set, so far as it is possible, definitive benchmarks for the ‘ideal’ number of hours we should sleep each day.

With the important caveat that every individual has their own particular needs the new guidelines include a ‘margin of error’ as an extra range of ‘may be appropriate’ for each age group.

The results of their deliberations have been drawn together in a reference chart (click the chart to go to the NSF website and download a copy).

NSF Chart


Other changes include two new groups of 'younger adults' and 'older adults'.

The Foundation claims that these recommendations "...represent the best guidance for sleep duration and health.".

The National Sleep Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation based in Washington DC, USA, its focus is on education and scientific research.
It does accept grants and donations from private and corporate sources but only on a 'no strings attached' basis.



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