Latest research reveals average weekly alcohol consumption of 37 units among middle aged British males
Fully functioning layers of skin tissue offer new treatment hope for baldness and skin grafts for burns victims
19 graphic designers from different countries Photoshop their vision of the perfect male from an original photograph
Norwegian research team tests the theory using a virtual world and MRI scans
Danish scientists find up to 5,000 changes occurring at DNA cellular level which will alter with the weight of the donor
Nordic researchers confirm what could be the last bastion of male dominance…making shelves.
While women are inhibited when eating in front of male companions, men demonstrate their physical prowess by eating more when a woman is watching.
September was Prostate Awareness Month with good reason; one in every eight British males will develop prostate cancer, making it the most common male cancer in the UK.
While some claim vindication, others dismiss the implication of a 25 year study into the mystery of a male menopause.
San Diego School of Medicine testing of 1,000 volunteers shows correlation between memory lapse and trans-fat consumption, particularly in young men
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