It’s true; men are still the flat pack champions

Nordic researchers confirm what could be the last bastion of male dominance…making shelves.


It’s not been a good run for men in the battle of the sexes.

Women have been proven to be superior to the male of the species in almost every comparison made over the past fifty years or so; they develop more quickly academically, make better scientists, more empathetic partners, bosses, judges, they live longer, stay healthier and are better drivers.

Let’s not even get started on multitasking…

Courtesy of a research team at the Arctic University of Norway, however, we now know for sure that when it comes to building a furniture unit from an Ikea flat pack…it takes a man to do the job properly.

They asked 40 men and 40 women to put together a standard, flat packed, kitchen trolley within a half hour time limit. Half the participants on each side were given full instructions, the others had nothing but a diagram of the finished product.

Of the group not using instructions, the average time for women to build the trolley was 28.44 minutes – four minutes longer than men. Even with the notes to help, men completed the construction in an average of 22 minutes, more than a minute faster than women.

Not only were the men quicker, they were more accurate achieving an average score out of 10 (representing a perfect construction) of 8.9 with instructions and 7.6 without compared to the women who achieved only 7.5 with and a very poor 5.7 without instructions.

Take that, sisters!



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