Perceptions of Perfection II: The perfect man

19 graphic designers from different countries Photoshop their vision of the perfect male from an original photograph


Last year Superdrug introduced their Perceptions of Perfection programme with a set of images created by 18 (mostly female) graphic designers of their idea of the perfect woman crafted from an original image.

MHM covered the story at the time: When designers set out to create the perfect woman

The aim of the exercise was to demonstrate the unnecessary pressures put upon women to conform to social and cultural stereotypes of idealised beauty. Some of the results were quite staggering.

Now it’s the turn of the men. Using a genuine self-photograph from a brave New York photographer they asked 19 designers, 11 women and 8 men, to use their Photoshop skills to craft the perfect male.

The results show that, if anything, men are under just as much pressure to conform to unreasonable ideals of ‘beauty’.

Take a look at the results.

Full Chart

You can see these images in more detail here.




Thanks to

and NYPhotoNY for the original self portrait


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