Scientists create lab-grown skin; complete with growing hair

A Japanese bioengineering research team working out of Tokyo has used stem cell regeneration to create and implant skin replete with working hair follicles and sweat glands.

The outer layer of skin, called the epidermis, has been grown in laboratories before but this is the first time that all three layers of skin including the dermis and fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue have been successfully recreated.


The cells were originally taken from the gums of a mouse before being chemically altered to grow as skin and transplanted into another mouse. Once the new skin had grown they were able to remove it and implant the complete new skin layer back onto the original donor mouse.

The new skin bonded successfully and was able to grow hair and regulate temperature through sweat glands just like ordinary skin.

The breakthrough is seen as an enormous leap towards the possibility of replacing scarred or damaged skin in humans with fully functioning new skin and even ‘curing’ baldness by implanting proper growing hair rather than hair plugs.



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