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Modern life leaves little time for digestion, but we can offer a helping hand


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Propargile – nature’s aid to digestion


"Unquiet meals make ill digestions" William Shakespeare

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about and 400 years later these words are even more relevant than ever before.

One of the least talked about but most distressing problems of modern life lies within our hard-pressed digestive system.

We just weren’t designed to eat the way we so often do these days, grabbing a quick sandwich or wolfing down a ready meal with barely enough time to taste whatever it is we’re eating let alone digest it.

A recent survey of UK office workers showed that over half of us take less than 20 minutes a day for our lunch and that three quarters of those eat at their desks.

Is it any wonder that heartburn, feeling bloated, flatulence and general discomfort have become a part of life for millions of men and women of all ages?

Well there’s not much we can do to change the pace of our lives just yet, but we can give our digestive systems a helping hand to boost its ability to meet the demands placed upon it.


Combination of powerful ingredients soothes digestion

Propargile has been developed using three powerful natural ingredients, each chosen specifically to bolster the digestive power of your stomach.


Collected by bees as an exceptional superfood for young larvae. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics providing intestinal well-being. Tonic and stimulating, it also has a purifying effect.


Has a powerful alkalising effect which helps to optimize the acid-base balance. Clay is also a powerful absorbent; it acts as a magnet for all waste products in the digestive system: the stomach, liver and colon. In this way, it provides a highly effective protection, eliminating dead cells and activating their reconstitution.

Propolis (aka Bee Glue)

Inherent in the very nature of this resinous, gum-like, balsamic substance is a purifying effect. Gathered by bees from the buds and bark of plants, it is coated and transformed by the bees’own secretions to be used for many purposes. Propolis offers a high concentration in polyphenols ensuring the integrity of the gastrointestinal mucous membrane.

Together these naturally powerful reagents can help to ensure the smooth working of your digestion.


Fast acting relief

Propagile is a totally natural way to gain back control of a troublesome digestive system.

It combines three rapid action agents which complement each other and act in unison to end your discomfort.

By helping improve the way your gut flushes out waste, and reducing bloating. Propargile can also help give you a flatter stomach. Studies measuring the effects of using Propargile showed 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reporting a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort


A natural, fast-acting remedy for







Effective relief

Read what some users of Propagile have posted as reviews


I have crohns and simply couldn't do without this little beauty. Would heartily recommend.
Ada d November 2014
This product has really helped an irritable bowel, Fabulous result quickly
Emma July 2014
A very good product that has settled my stomach problem down using natural ingredients would willingly recommend to any one with ibs problems
John Richard Bowness June 2014


You owe it to yourself

The misery of poor digestion and dysfunctional bowels can't really be properly explained to anyone who has never experienced it.

Most sufferers struggle for years to find some measure of comfort.

You could see an improvement in days with the help of our industrious bees and their amazing chemistry.

Give yourself a break.

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