A natural cure for travel sickness

A single spray to ward off car, sea, air and travel sickness


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QueaseEASE Anti-Nausea Inhaler


The soothing scent of essential oils

QueaseEASE contains 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oils;  a proprietary blend of lavender oil, peppermint oil, ginger oil and spearmint oil, formulated to relieve the queasiness associated with motion sickness as well as post-operative recovery, chemotherapy and morning sickness.

It works by simply breathing the aroma; the molecules from the oils travel the olfactory tract to the central nervous system where they interrupt the nausea cycle.

Inhalation can be repeated as often as necessary


So simple to use

QueaseEASE is a drug-free, all natural product consisting of a unique blend of pure essential oils.

Simply take a few deep breaths of the aroma to help settle a queasy stomach.

Use at the first sign of queasiness.  Remove cap. Hold container under nose and CONTINUE BREATHING THE AROMA UNTIL QUEASINESS SUBSIDES. Replace the cap tightly when finished.  Use as often as required

Easily fits into your pocket, handbag or glovebox


Designed for clinical use

QueaseEASE was created and developed by medical professionals to treat post-operative nausea and nausea caused by medication (including chemo therapy).

It also works wonders for nausea caused by pregnancy or by motion or travel sickness.

It causes no drowsiness and will not react with medications or alcohol.

Because it is inhaled there is little or no chance of any allergic reaction to its natural ingredients.

It is absolutely safe to use for sufferers of all ages although children should not use it without supervision since it is for inhalation only and should not be used by asthma sufferers.


Lasts for months

QueaseEASE has an indefinite shelf life when the safety seal is unbroken and will last for up to six months after the container has been opened when the cap is replaced after use.

Keep away from high heat to avoid evaporation of oils.

 QueaseEASE pack

It really works

Since using QueaseEase in our Same Day Surgery Postoperative Unit we have seen patients arrive, feeling nauseous and appearing pale, and after a few minutes of inhaling QueaseEase, their colour returns and symptoms have subsided. It is absolutely amazing to see the patient improve and feel better right before your eyes and a great feeling to know you have helped your patient with something so natural. QueaseEase is a MUST for any facility treating post-operative nausea.  It has saved us valuable nursing time and greatly improved the patient’s experience at our hospital. 

Stephanie Carver, RN


I discovered QueaseEASE on a cruise. Although I seldom have a problem with seasickness – on a cruise one time the whole ship was talking about being seasick and so I found myself nauseous and started looking for relief. The shop onboard had the product and I purchased it. When I got home I discovered another use for the product besides seasickness. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) For those of you unaware of the problem, for me, it means nausea, diarreah, and constipation. The nausea runs it’s course from emptying the stomach to dry heaves. I have learned that when I feel the nausea coming on if I start using the QueaseEase right away and just keep inhaling it and inhaling it, I can prevent the vomiting. WHAT A RELIEF IT HAS BEEN TO DISCOVER QUEASE EASE

Sandy Hess


I used this for nausea with 3rd pregnancy. It's AWESOME! Kept it in my pocket at all times! Wish I would have had it with the other two!

Diane Swintek


This is an amazing product; The only one which allowed me to keep up with my husband and friends on a cruise last year. I have recommended it to a few pregnant ladies as well. I love it!

Trudy Reilly


Get ready for your next journey

Quease Ease Inline



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