Ancient salts from underground passages can open your airwaves

World renowned treatment from Carpathian mountains repackaged just for you


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If you can't go to the mountain...?

Miles under the soaring peaks of the forbidding Carpathian mountains lies a deep network of tunnels and chambers that humans have been hewing out of solid rock since we discovered the tools to dig.

Our Ancestors laboured not for gold, or silver nor any other precious metal, not even for tin, lead or iron.

They went in search of a far more precious paylode that could bring relief to the sick and afflicted, the magical salts from the rocks with their amazing medicinal powers.

People still flock from around the world to "take the cure"  at the Praid Sale Mines in what is now modern Romania.

They swim in salt waters and sleep in underground chambers surrounded by the uniquely infused salt created by 24 million years of geological activity.

But you don't have to move from your front door.


Direct from Transylvanian tunnels to open your airways

Halotherapy (breathing salts) is a simple and natural way to open and clear the respiratory system

The Praid Salt Mine is one of the largest in Europe, situated in the Transylvanian area of central Romania it has been the driving force behind the local economy for hundreds of years.

Tunnelled under the Carpathian Mountains to a depth of 2.7km the 24 million year old deposit of salt crystals has been recorded since the 12th century as having uniquely curative powers.

Now also a major tourist attraction and health spa the working mine still provides Europe with its most widely acclaimed medicinal salt.


Salt Rooms

In many parts of Eastern Europe families use the salts in specially built rooms, called simply ‘salt rooms’, like saunas in which the salt is introduced into the air through a salt aerosol generator.

Participants breathe in the salt particles and even perform light exercise routines in order to ensure they breathe the active ingredients in the salt particles deeply into their systems.

Studies have shown that the natural properties in the salts can:


Improve lung efficiency

Clear pollens and pollutants from the lungs and nasal tracts

Reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions

Clean the sinuses and nasal cavities

Reduce bronchial inflammation

Reduce snoring


Salt Pipes

A salt pipe is basically a refillable salt inhaler that recreates the microclimate of a therapeutic salt mine in the comfort of your home.

Therapeutic salt mine treatments have been used for thousands of years as the solution for several respiratory conditions. However visiting therapeutic salt mines isn’t exactly cheap or convenient for most people and that’s where Salt Pipes come in.

We want to offer our readers the opportunity to benefit from this incredible natural breathing aid so we’ve gone back to basics and sourced the simplest and most effective delivery system of all, a clay pipe.

Simply fill the pipe with salt and breathe air through it into your lungs.

As air passes over the salt it picks up the natural particles and active ingredients and takes them into your respiratory system where they can do the job of soothing and strengthening your breathing functions.

 salt pipes

Less than half an hour, once a day

All you need to do is use the salt pipe every day for between 15 and 25 minutes in order to feel the benefit.

Each pipe carries enough salt to last for around six months of normal use and there are three replacement bags of salt sent with every pipe, further refills are also available through the MHM Shopping pages.

It’s totally natural and completely safe; it won’t increase your body’s salt intake at all and is even suitable for those on a sodium restricted diet.

In fact it is suitable for anyone aged 5 or over.


Does it work?

Here is what some users say about using a salt pipe


I was slightly dubious as to the claims made regarding the health benefits of The Salt pipe, however, I am now a fully converted follower of salt!

I have shared it with my partner, (he more cynical than even I!) and we both have felt the benefits. We were also pleasantly surprised by how quickly the effects have been felt, having only been using it a few weeks.

We have found that our hay fever has practically disappeared, as has my persistent runny nose that I am plagued with most of the year.

My partner’s snoring has been greatly reduced, as has the likelihood of me killing him in his sleep!

I have used cheaper, plastic ones, and although The Saltpipe is heavier, I would say the quality is considerably better, so you definitely get what you pay for.

I will be ordering the salt refills and continuing to use this product and feel confident recommending others to do the same.

Katiekins May 2014


Brought for my husband who suffers from congestion of the sinuses . He has used for about 3 weeks now and wishes he had purchased one years ago ! He has found it relieves the pain he gets across the nose and pressure points. Easy to use clears the head

Nicky April 2014


Since using a salt inhaler i only cough occasionally, my wheezing has stopped and i no longer get out of breath, in fact i can run up my stairs now whereas before i had to take it slowly. I find if i take my salt inhaler last thing at night i have a good night’s sleep and i still feel well the next day. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my lifestyle; i would recommend it to anyone who has wheezing, coughing and gets breathless. It is not a complete cure but it does help.

Denise Dec 2012

 Salt Pipes

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