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It may not be subject to the desert winds, but your skin will thank you for this African balm


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Argan Oil


Argan Oil Combo

A different flavour of skin care

The locals call it ‘liquid gold’.

Argan oil comes only from the argan tree, native to Morocco in North Africa.

The oil possesses some remarkable qualities which make it uniquely beneficial both as a nourishing skin and hair care product and even as a nutritional ‘super food’.

On the streets of Marrakech you’ll find the locals using argan oil as a dip for their bread at breakfast or to drizzle on their couscous for flavouring.

This astonishing liquid, extracted from the fleshy pulp of the argan tree fruit, is one of nature’s richest sources of vitamin E (twice as much as olive oil) and brimful of antioxidants.

But for centuries Moroccan women have also recognised the oil’s value as a skin and hair care agent.

There are few harsher environments than the dry sandy North African towns and villages where every passing car creates its own sandstorm and the hot, dust-laden, sirroco winds regularly blow at over 100km per hour.

If Argan oil can help the women living in that environment to keep their skin soft and fresh and their hair clean and healthy, imagine what it could do for you?


What are the benefits?

Soften Dry Skin

Because it is naturally high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, the oil works to repair dry skin and rough patches.

Soften Your Lines

Smooth argan oil along the skin under the eyes as an intense moisturiser which will soften the appearance of your facial lines.

Reduce Acne Blemishes and Scarring

With regular use argan Oil acts as a healing agent for acne damage to the skin.


A few drops of argan oil massaged onto your cuticles will soften and condition them.

Treat Split Ends

Use argan oil as a hair care product to minimise fly-aways and treat split ends.

Skin Conditioner

Argan oil will leave your skin feeling soft and give it a youthful, dewy glow.

Totally Safe, Even For Babies

Mothers of toddlers and babies needn’t worry about the safety of argan oil, it has zero toxicity and can even be used to treat baby’s dry skin or rashes.


Keep up with the (Zeta) Joneses

If you’ve ever wondered how Catherine Zeta-Jones manages to keep her skin so dewy at her age, she’s more than happy to share her secret.

The Hollywood star has told how she uses argan oil to moisturise her complexion, saying she ‘saturates’ her face with it to keep looking youthful.

“I drench my face in argan oil”, says wrinkle-free Zeta-Jones

Although the product is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen for its supposed health properties, Miss Zeta-Jones, like many women, prefers to make it part of her daily beauty regime

Daily Mail 29 January 2016


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The Perfect Argan Oil Skin Treatment

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Argan Oil Cleanser 150ml

An incredibly effective make-up remover which even works on stubborn mascara.

100% natural, enriched with almond, sunflower seed, and grapeseed oil.

Non greasy cleanser that works with your skin, not against it.


Argan Oil Moisturiser 50ml

Used for centuries to repair skin damaged by the elements because of its healing, conditioning and anti-ageing properties.

Rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

100% natural and organic; vegan, parfum free, paraben free and free from any petrochemicals.

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Argan Oil Combo
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