Insulated gloves keep Himalayan temperatures at bay

Are you ready to handle the arctic conditions that weather experts are already predicting?


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Designed for the rigours of the wild himalayas


We’re excited to be able to bring you this stylish and immensely practical pair of gloves.

Imagine braving the cold without freezing hands.  No more suffering with numb fingers!

The new Sherpa Gloves have been designed to withstand brutal Himalayan sub-zero temperatures.

Sherpa Gloves 


Stretchable, insulating, fleece

The luxurious insulating Sherpa fleece lining locks in heat; keeping your hands warm all day long. Put an end to cold hands and get instant warmth from the new Sherpa Gloves, even on the coldest of days.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

 We believe that you’ll never want to wear regular gloves ever again once you’ve worn Sherpa Gloves, and we’re prepared to back that with a promise.




Order your pair for only £12.95 from the MHM Shop here.



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Sherpa Gloves
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