Magnesium; nature’s magic powder

Extracted from sea water; friendly to the environment and to your body


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More than a flash in the pan

Most of us probably had our first introduction to magnesium in the school lab where, because its pure powdered form is highly flammable and burns with a brilliant white light, chemistry teachers love to ignite a tiny amount because they get an open-mouthed “Ooooooooo” from every class member, every time.

It was precisely this quality that made magnesium the choice of early photographers looking to produce a bright, brief, all-illuminating flash while their shutters opened.

It’s also why it continues to be used to this day in fireworks, safety flares and even stage pyrotechnics. If you’ve ever seen a magician disappear in a flash and a puff of smoke, chances are that it was magnesium that did the job.

But Magnesium is a multi-talented element, so keen is it to combine with others that it takes several forms and becomes an elemental workhorse when it enters the body.

Vital to the intricate workings of our biochemical systems, it actually forms part of our DNA, being one of the building blocks of nucleic acid.

We don’t need much of it, in the UK the recommended daily dose is 300mg for men and 270mg a day for women and it can be found in all sorts of foodstuffs, particularly green leafy vegetables (it also forms part of chlorophyll), nuts and brown rice.

But enormous changes in our lifestyles combined wirth the effects of modern farming and production methods, particularly the decline in the use of naturally magnesium-rich fertilisers, make it much harder for us to consume all we need as part of an everyday diet.

Certainly much more difficult than it was for our parents and even harder than it was in our grandparents' day.

Tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and a wide range of common medications and treatments all contribute to a reduction in magnesium in the body.

Even stress can reduce the magnesium available to your biosystem.

So it’s important to know that we are taking in enough to cope with all the potential ways in which it can be lost. Because magnesium is vital to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy conversion, nutrient metabolism and cell formation.

It really is nature’s magic powder.


Extracted from sea water; friendly to the environment and to your body

Magnesium does not appear naturally in its pure form, it always combines into a compound with other elements from which it is then extracted.

It forms a large part of the earth’s crust and can be mined as a constituent part of over 60 minerals the most widely sought of which are magnesite, dolomite, brucite, carnallite, talc (used in talcum powder) and olivine.

It is used in hundreds of compound combinations for industrial and commercial purposes, as well as medical uses where it takes the more recognisable forms of magnesium hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia) and magnesium sulphate heptahydrate (Epsom salts).

It is produced in massive bulk in China where a staggering 660,000 tonnes a year (80% of the total global market) is extracted from ore using a highly industrialised and very environmentally unfriendly thermic process.

Thankfully there is a far more ecologically sound process using electrolysis to separate magnesium from marine salts.

It is extracted from the warm salty waters of the Mediterranean and combined in all its natural forms as magnesium oxide, hydroxide, sulphate, carbonate and chloride, to ensure that it finds the right way into your body, naturally and effectively.


Simple and pure and a great deal more

Our natural marine magnesium has no additives and is simply packed into daily-dosed sized vegetable capsules for easy use.

It is suitable for vegans and totally free from: wheat, yeast, gluten, milk products (lactose), added sugars, chemicals, additives, colourings, flavourings, preservatives and GM ingredients.

And we’re offering a great multipack deal...

Magnesium Triple Pack

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Magnesium Triple Pack
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