Silica gel soothes and strengthens damaged joints

Combination of natural minerals and plant extracts reduces pain and aids recovery


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Flexilica Pain Relief Gel


Harnessing the healing power of silica

In 1957 French chemist and researcher Norbert Duffaut became interested in silicon, a mineral which is vital for healthy collagen which keeps your joints and skin elastic. As we get older we lose silica, resulting in wrinkles, dry skin, brittle nails and bones.

Douffat believed that restoring the body’s natural supply of silica with an organic version could help slow the effects of ageing and tackle the root cause of joint pain and arthritis.

The publication of his research caused a great stir in the scientific community and in 1982 he was joined at the University of Bordeaux by France’s most celebrated forensic scientist of the time, Loic Le Ribault.

Together they set about finding new, more easily absorbed molecules of organic silica.


Persecuted and punished

The story of the success of these two pioneers is also a tale of vested interests blocking progress.

The establishment forces who opposed their work stopped at nothing to suppress their research.

In 1993 Duffaut died suspiciously from poisoning, though no perpetrator was ever found or prosecuted.

In the same year Ribault was jailed in solitary confinement for two months for the alleged crime of practising medicine without a licence. He always maintained, with justification, that he only offered organic silica products as a natural, safe, mineral tonic or supplement, not as a medicine.


Recognition and acceptance

Once he was released Ribault became the leading expert on organic silica treatment and he patented and released a new formulation of the treatment known as G5.

It was the culmination of 30 years of research, testing and treatment which immediately met with huge success wherever it was used, but was predictably ignored by the French pharmacists and medical establishment.

In 1995 an article outlining some of the many successful case studies of sufferers using organic silica was published in the magazine Sud Ouest Dimanche, including pictures and testimonials from many very satisfied ‘patients’.

The result was overwhelming and sealed the success of the treatment as a valid natural option for joint and skin condition sufferers.


Elemental healing power at your fingertips

Following on from the work of these visionaries, the formulation of the Flexilica Pain Gel combines three elements which attack the causes of joint pain.

Organic silica – a mineral which is a vital element for healthy connective tissue including; muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.

Blackcurrant – a natural anti-inflammatory because it acts to boost the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Glucosamine and chondroitin – these protect, stabilise and help repair damaged cartilage within joints, which is the source of arthritic and rheumatic pain.

By reinforcing tissue and preventing further damage these ingredients can help your body repair cartilage.

Flexilica provides pain relief directly where it’s needed and promotes recovery.

It also reduces inflammation and even soothes irritated skin.


Simple to apply, easy to use

Flexilica is an all-natural lotion which is easily absorbed by the skin.

It is hypoallergenic so won’t cause any skin or body reaction. If in doubt, please talk to a medical professional.

Apply the gel to the painful areas two or three times a day. Most people feel the benefits quickly but results vary. Some people report positive effects after 2-3 weeks of use.

It is for external use only and should be used as guided.


All natural, safe and great value too

Once you’ve used this product, we don’t think you’ll ever want to be without it so we’re offering some major discounts on multiple purchases.

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