Vitamin supplements are a small price to pay for peace of mind

It's possible your vitamins levels are optimised perfectly, but we doubt it


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Tri-pack MultiVit and Mineral supplement


Vitamins are vital, and tricky

Many groups of people take vitamin supplements for all sorts of reasons.

Some take them to ward off minor illnesses and sickness though while there is ample evidence that vitamins can boost the immune system, they do not provide a shield against colds and flu.

Others take them for specific reasons, when they are dieting or during seasons where less sunlight might be available for example.

GP's will routinely prescribe vitamin supplements for vulnerable groups like infants, diabetics and the elderly.

Every expectant mother will be prescribed extra vitamins to ensure that she and her child are as healthy as possible during a time when her normal systems need support.

All of these are sensible measures because even the most subtle changes in diet, lifestyle or physical condition can affect the body's ability to absorb its intake of vitamins from food.


If it's sensible in those cases, what about now?

It's impossible to know what levels of vitamins are present without expensive and time consuming laboratory testing, so GP's are forced to make a reasonable judgement based on their knowledge of a patient's situation.

So unless you belong to one of those vulnerable groups, or you present with clear symptoms of a particulat vitamin defiency (like scurvy or rickets) a doctor can only assume that everything is more or less healthy.

But vitamin defiencies can show up in other ways such as listlessness, mood swings, interrupted sleep, problems with digestion, underperforming immune system, general aches and pains.

All issues that we tend to write off as feeling "under the weather" or "run down" and rarely, if at all, equate the symptoms with the cause.

In fact researchers believe that as many as 80% of vitamin deficiency sufferers are not even aware that they have a problem.

And as many as one in four of us may suffer from some form of deficiency.


How would you know?

Without clinical tests it is impossible to know.

What most of us do know is that our daily routines of a varied healthy diet, adequate exercise and proper rest are some way from being perfectly balanced.

All of these factors as well as seasonal climate changes, alcohol consumption, stress and physical activity impact upon the processing of nutrients and vitamins,

Vitamin levels and the efficiency with which the body processes them can vary on a daily basis.

So doesn't it make sense to ensure that you cover your bases?


Supplementary and complementary

We recommend that everyone eat healthily by including vegetables and fruits wherever possible and balancing the nutritional value and content of the daily diet.

Unfortunately that’s not a simple thing to achieve, especially if you are also changing your normal routines while on holiday.

Vitamin supplements are only ever intended to bolster the regular intake of nutrition and are a precaution to ensure that the body has access to as much as it needs to function at optimal levels.

But not all vitamin supplements are the same.


Naturally good

Any nutritionist will tell you that the body finds it much easier to absorb and make use of vitamins and minerals when it receives them in a natural form, as it does when we eat vitamin rich foods.

Unfortunately many of the most common vitamin supplements you will find at the high street supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores have been artificially synthesised in a laboratory.

The simple reason for this is cost; it is much cheaper to produce these compounds on an industrial scale by using chemical processes than to try and extract or refine them from organic foodstuffs.

It also happens to be a neat way of reusing some of the residual by-products left over from the production and refinement of oil.

Many people are shocked when they discover that some of the larger brand vitamin and mineral dietary supplements are actually produced by the petrochemical giants.


Wholly natural

Our Multi Vit capsules are derived from completely natural sources, that is directly from the fruit and vegetables that contained them.

Why would you want to put anything else into your body?

Even the capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and are suitable for vegetarians as well as being free from; wheat, starch, gluten, soya, milk (lactose), added sugars, colourings, flavourings preservatives or genetically modified ingredients.

Just a concentrated dose of the dried and powdered extract from a combination of naturally grown produce will ensure your daily intake of:

Iron, selenium, zinc, copper, gtf chromium, boron, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, vitamin c, beta carotene, vitamin e, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin B12 and vitamin D; biotin, inositol, choline, folic acid and vitamin k.

Each pack contains 30 capsules, a month’s supply.


There’s never been an easier or more natural way to ensure your daily dose of vitamins.

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