When it comes to fighting joint pain – you need a little mussel

What has green lips and can only be found off the coast of New Zealand?


No it’s not a surfing Kiwi Goth it’s a particular mussel (perna canaliculus) which is indigenous only to the waters around the New Zealand Islands where it is known commercially as Greenshell.

Greenshell Mussels have been cultivated and harvested since the 1970s when research scientists noticed something unusual and amazing about a group of Maoris living in a coastal areas of New Zealand.

Not one of them suffered from arthritis or joint pain of any kind. Further studies showed that it was only the Maoris who lived on the coast who showed this remarkable resistance to arthritis. Maoris who lived inland had the same percentage of arthritis as most of the Western world.

The reason was that they ate a diet rich in green lipped mussels. These animals live in sun-baked waters packed with plankton containing extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants. It was the Omega 3 oil from these mussels that protected them from inflammation and joint pain.

This is the key ingredient of Lyrpinol, making it one of the most powerful natural remedies in the fight against joint pain and arthritis. Independent studies have compared Lyprinol® to several foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Lyprinol® has been shown to be:

100 times more potent than EPA Max (fish oil)

125 times more potent than original freeze dried mussel powder

175 times more potent than evening primrose oil

175 times more potent than Salmon Oil

200 times more potent than Flax Oil

Lyprinol® is a nutritional supplement which can help reduce systematic inflammatory problems such as arthritis, joint pain, acne, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and even asthma. It can reduce inflammation in the lungs, making it a powerful remedy for asthma sufferers, too.

Each soft gel capsule is made from glycerin with a thin coating of xylose. This ensures maximum absorption in the stomach and prevents burping or "fishy breath" which can often be associated with fish oils.

Ingredients (per capsule) 100 mg olive oil, 50 mg marine Lipid Oil extract of Perna Canaliculus (green lipped mussels), .225 mg natural vitamin e (antioxidant). Also contains 15 mg Sorbitol and 8 mg Glycerol

Lyprinol does not contain protein, which can trigger allergies, making it safe for sea food allergy sufferers.

Lyprinol Pack Shot

30 capsules for only £23.95 click above to order.


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