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An Irritating Problem

In the UK, according to the latest NHS figures, over 21 million adults and half of all children under 18 have one or more allergies.

More and more patients are landing in GP surgeries every year complaining of itching, rashes and general discomfort at the touch of even the lightest of clothing.

In many of these cases the problem is not a condition developed by the sufferer, but a reaction to the materials used to manufacture modern soaps and detergents.

Aside from any actual active cleaning ingredient there is a rogue’s gallery of preservatives, colourings and scents, as well as so-called ‘conditioning’ agents, which together create a noxious concoction for those with sensitive skin.


Some of the worst offending products are the ‘biological’ and ‘antibacterial’ soaps

They may even promise protection for the skin but still include highly active chemicals which continue to react long after the wash is completed.

The problem is even worse for those who already suffer from eczema or other skin conditions for whom almost any additional element is a likely irritant causing increased discomfort and distress.

Even branded ‘hypoallergenic’ products offer little comfort because, although free of other additives, they still rely on potentially irritating chemical compounds to act as cleaning agents.


An ancient solution

Thousands of years ago natives of the sub-tropical regions of Northern India and Nepal discovered that the fruit of a particular tree, the Sapindus Mukorossi – a relative of the lychee, had some very remarkable properties.

The berries of the tree, called Reetha in Hindi, contained a stone - like a peach or a plum (known in botany as a ‘drupe’) - which was rich in saponins, a natural detergent which foams and acts as a soap when added to water.

It also had the added benefit of repelling insects, which made it extremely useful as a washing and cleaning product.

For those of us living in more hospitable climates, it possesses an even more beneficial quality; it is totally free of any irritant or other agent that will react with the skin.

Now known to the Western World as the Soapnut (even though not actually a nut) or Soapberry, it wholly replaces artificially manufactured products to provide a cleaning agent which is both effective and gentle on the skin.


The answer in a nutshell

Using the Soapnuts to do your laundry is as simple and easy as putting a soap powder capsule into your wash.

Just put five Soapnuts in a bag and put the bag into your washing machine with your laundry.

The hot water and agitation will release the natural soap which will get your clothes every bit as clean as you would expect from your usual detergent.


You can reuse the Soapnuts up to four times

Then you need to replace them with five more, they are highly biodegradable and provide excellent compost material so nothing is wasted and no harmful by-products or waste materials are produced.

But the real benefit will be felt by those eczema and sensitive skin sufferers who will find relief in wearing the clothes washed with Soapnuts.

It won’t cure any skin conditions, but it will ensure that they are no longer aggravated.

You’ll be surprised how many people who didn’t even realise their skin was reacting to the chemicals in commercial detergents will suddenly find themselves more comfortable and less prone to itching and scratching.


Try It For Yourself

If it all sounds too good to be true, you should know we thought so too, but we’ve tried them and they work.

There are around 12 types of the Sapindus tree which are dotted around the world including parts of China and North America.

They vary in their qualities and we have selected a supplier who sources produce from the Sapindus Mukurossi, which only grows in the foothills of the Himalayas, because its fruit carries a greater concentration of soap than others.


So the product we’re offering is 100% natural and ethically sourced from local growers in the region.

They are shipped over (not flown) and packaged in the UK and come to you totally free from any artificial additives or fragrances.

£13.00 buys you enough Soapnuts for 260 standard washing machine loads, at 5p per load, compare that to your usual brand and it makes economic as well as environmental sense.                                                                                                                                   

It’s got to be worth a try.

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