Just a couple of hours of missed sleep can quadruple your risk as a driver
New study counts the economic costs of lack of sleep
Research shows that sleeping habits harm your relationship and your health
Why battle with insomnia when you can manage it out of your life?
Longer naps during the day linked to sharp increase in health risks
Analysis of brain activity shows that we may not even be aware of a ‘waking sleep’
How you arrange and decorate your bedroom can have a marked effect on your ability to rest easy
Obesity is a contributory factor, but along with diabetes is symptomatic of ‘metabolic syndrome’ in which the body produces excess sugar, cholesterol and fats.
American researchers observing ancient tribes question the accepted view of how our ancestors slept, find more similarities than differences to modern sleep patterns.
The most extreme of all the sleep disorders, sleep walkers usually confine themselves to simple tasks like dressing or washing, but not always
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