Could this YouTube video be all you need for a good night’s sleep? (link)

Self-styled meditative artist, Johnnie Lawson, had a definite vision in mind when he uploaded the first of a series of meditation videos on July 2 2013.

He wanted to provide a set of videos and - equally importantly, soundtracks which would help people to relax and focus.

Initially suggested to be played in the background as a study aid, the eight hour video of a stretch of the River Bony in County Leitrim in the Irish Republic comes complete with birdsong and nature’s ambience.

What Lawson couldn’t possibly have foreseen is that, 6 million and 849 thousand-some views later it has become one of the most talked about cures for insomnia on the planet.

You can view the complete video from YouTube here.

Claims for the success of the video have been so convincing and so widespread that it has now been included in several trials.

All we can suggest is that you don’t watch or listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery.



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