Four radical solutions to your snoring problems

What lengths would you go to for the sake of a suffering partner? Would they stretch to a little DIY therapy with a tennis ball and some gaffer tape?

We’re not necessarily recommending any of these, but they are based on research evidence and may certainly prove how much you love your partner.


Learn to sing

Many studies have shown that the strength of the muscles required to control the diaphragm and neck in order to sing ‘properly’ also help to prevent snoring.

For around £50 an hour you could get a vocal coach to teach you the tricks of the singing trade.

Of course if you still snore at least you could serenade your partner back to sleep, a win-win if ever there was one.


Put a sock on it

Many people are used to wearing flight socks, particularly on long hauls, to protect themselves against the threat of deep vein thrombosis (dvt) caused by a combination of increased air pressure and long periods of inactivity.

Studies have shown that the same socks can prevent the build-up of fluids around the ankles and lower leg during the course of the day.

Left untreated this fluid migrates at night to the neck muscles causing obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) suffered by some 3 million people in the UK.

Actual proper studies have shown reduced snoring from OSA sufferers who wore flight socks during the day.


Have some balls

Got your tennis ball and gaffer tape ready? Now go and get your t shirt or pyjama top or nightshirt (whatever you wear to sleep in).

Sleeping on your back is the worst possible position for a snorer, it not only makes it more likely that you will snore but the snoring itself will be louder and unrestrained.

Attaching the tennis ball to the back of your nightwear will ensure that you can’t stay on your back for long, even if you are such a heavy sleeper that it wouldn’t wake you.

The discomfort shouldn’t last for long, you will soon get used to sleeping on your side.


Seal the deal

Still got the gaffer tape, good.

The final suggestion assumes that you don’t want to speculate your hard earned funds on one of those fancy chinstraps that are the latest fashion accessory for the snorer about town.

You can pick one up online for around £5.95.

The theory is that a slack jaw contributes to the airway blockage that causes snoring and also resonates to amplify the resultant noise.

You could achieve the same effect by simply gaffer taping your mouth and forcing your sleeping self to breathe through your nose which should reduce the incidence of snoring.

It’s not comfortable, probably not very effective, but it will prove your dedication to the peace and tranquillity of your partner.

And that may be just as valuable.




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