‘Miracle’ diet pills are far from miraculous, they are dangerous and they kill people

It is one of those terrible truths of the human condition that, despite our ability to reason and rationalise, we are able to suspend our natural suspicion and incredulity in the pursuit of something we want badly.

It is the basis of every con, scam and sting perpetrated on the unwary; make the prize desirable enough and the ‘mark’ will fall for your line…every time.

So I know that, despite a reasonable belief that the readers of this website are, by and large, a tad more rational than most, with a healthy intellectual curiosity and a grounded suspicion of unsubstantiated claims or hollow promises; some of you will decide to try one of the billions of pounds worth of bogus slimming products that are sold every year.

Those who do will use their innate reason to rationalise the decision by justifying it as a “worthwhile” or “calculated” risk in proportion to the need they feel to lose weight.

They will tell themselves that there is a possibility that this or that product making such and such a claim might actually work, even a little bit.

Their all-consuming desire to bring their weight back to ‘normal’ will override all the warning signals that their instinct and common sense are giving off and retreat to that part of our psyche where “desperate times call for desperate measures’ and ‘nothing ventured is nothing gained’ and hundreds of other ill-conceived, self-inflated clichés of despair reside.

 But that doesn’t stop the following being intrinsically and unalterably true:

Fact; it is not easy to lose weight.

Fact; any substance that can drastically alter your metabolism to the extent that your body does start to rapidly burn off fat is likely to affect other functions and cause all sorts of problems.

This morning (July 1) I read of a pub landlord from Lancashire who died after taking a caffeine-based diet pill called T5, each tablet of which contained the caffeine equivalent of 300 (yes that’s three hundred, not a typo) cups of coffee; the coroner ruled his death due to caffeine toxicity.

His was the fourth death of its type in the last 12 months.

In April this year Interpol issued a global warning following the deaths of a 21 year British woman and a young Irishman who had both used ‘fat-burner’ diet pills containing Dinitrophenol which they had bought from the internet.

The French authorities also requested an ‘imminent threat’ alert from the European agencies after the near fatal collapse of a French man who had taken the drug led to the discovery of large quantities of the diet pills along with smuggled steroids destined for distribution among the bodybuilding community.

In fact the vast majority of so-called diet pills available from internet sites and ebay are simply ineffectual and will only hurt your wallet, costing as much as £50 to £75 for a month’s supply, the retailers know it will take at least three or four months for consumers to give up on the dream.

Others, like the caffeine tablets, are downright dangerous and have no proven impact on weight loss.

The worst of all, however, are those which genuinely contain active ingredients that can mess with your body’s normal functions like appetite suppressants and metabolic stimulants.

These might well reduce your weight and may even have been recommended by friends who have used them to slim down, but they will always come at a price; including kidney and bladder damage or even serious heart problems.

They invariably contain controlled or illegal substances including pesticides and steroids or even toxic by-products from the production of other pharmaceuticals.

They impact on your weight by disrupting or suppressing normal functions, often with devastating long term effects.

And yet time and again normally sensible people turn to these options because they have failed with various diets or ‘superfood’ solutions and can see no other answer.

My plea to any of you who may be tempted to take one of these ‘miracle’ cures is to think again and consider an alternative that I have researched and found personally effective.

For the cost of less than a week’s supply of any of these pills, please go to the MHM shop here and buy Dr Marilyn Glenville’s book Fat Around The Middle.

We are dedicated to providing safe, natural, wholesome products that can help you address your health issues.

If I can convince just one person to take this natural and safe path toward fitness rather than turn to dangerous pills or fake hokum, I will feel satisfied in a job well done.


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