Could this online ‘game’ help you to lose weight? Try it and find out.

Could this online ‘game’ help you to lose weight? Try it and find out.

Cognitive psychologists believe a mere ten minutes a day playing this simple ‘reaction test’ game will train your mind to reject the impulse to eat the wrong foods.

Two specialists in compulsive behaviour at Exeter University, Dr Natalia Lawrence and Professor Frederick Verbruggen, have jointly published a ‘Food Training’ programme which is designed to coach the brain to make better decisions about what to eat.

The programme was trialled on a sample of 83 volunteers (mostly women) selected from the local community with an average age of 50 and an average BMI of 29 with more than three quarters of the sample overweight or obese.

After a week of using the training programme the participants showed a significant loss in weight, averaging 670g (nearly one and a half pounds) each, as well as a healthy drop in daily calorie intake averaging 220 fewer on average across the test group.

This change in eating patterns and weight loss was tracked and maintained up to six months after the subjects’ initial training.

The theory behind the programme is that visual stimuli can be used to engender and reinforce the ability to inhibit responses that may normally be instinctive, adding a layer of self-control to what might otherwise be regarded as compulsive behaviour.

In the game, the player is trained to respond to various images in one of three ways, but images of high calorie foods always require the player to stop themselves from reacting.

According to the psychology behind the test, this helps the brain to associate the notion of ‘stop’ with the urge to react to fattening foods.

Try the Food Training Programme for yourself here and let us know how you get on…



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