Five snacks that make a healthy fridge

With a little preparation your snacks can be as healthy as you want to be


Snacking is the downfall of many a diet; you watch your calories at mealtime and then ruin all your hard work by succumbing to the temptation of an easy snack which is likely to be full of the sugars, processed fats and carbs that you’ve been so careful to avoid in your meal preparation.

We may not admit it, but snacks are a part of modern life, when you have minutes to find something to eat and not the time it takes to prepare ‘proper’ food.

But nearly all the ready-made, commercially available snack foods are highly processed and far from healthy.

Fortunately there is a full range of health and tasty ingredients which you can stock up on, ready for those times when you simply need to eat and go. All it takes is a little preparation beforehand.

Here are five simple suggestions to start your healthy snack habit.


Chopped Vegetables

You’re thinking healthy, you open the fridge and all the lovely veg is there waiting for you, but you have no time to prepare anything so you move on to whatever is ready and available.

What if you washed, peeled and chopped all your vegetables, and fruit for that matter, before you put them in the fridge. Then they would be there for you every time you needed them.


Roasted Vegetables

Roasting your veg is a marvellously tasty and very healthy way to add some variety to your diet. The cooking process brings a different set of flavours out of your food and makes them an even more satisfying snack.

Try and keep a supply of pre-roasted vegetables in stock and you will never be short of a healthy option.


Home Made Dressings

Even if a salad is your snack of choice, the chances are that the sugars contained in any commercially made dressing will more than outweigh the goodness in the greens.

Creating your own dressing is more fun, more satisfying and a lot healthier. There are hundreds of recipes available online so pick one that takes your fancy and make a bottleful to keep in the fridge next to your pre-prepared vegetables.


Dried fruit

If you need something to sweeten the deal or even just a little snack on its own, keep your fridge stocked with a mixture of your favourite fruits, sliced and dried. You can add them to pretty much any dish or take a handful in a bag as you run out of the door.


Hard-boiled Eggs

Eggs are a marvellous source of protein and can become anything from sandwich filler to salad topping or a simple snack on their own. But even the few minutes it takes to prepare them often means they are overlooked.

The answer is to have your boiled eggs ready and available whenever you want them; finally a proper use for the egg rack.



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