There's no bad way to be inspired

It’s been an amazing summer with both the Olympic and Paralympic Games providing more than enough proof that British sport can still make its mark in terms of physical achievement.

Even more important, to me at least, were the stories of personal heroism and dedication; tenacity and downright bloody-mindedness, that shone through many of the events.

They may have travelled under the same flag and worn the same colours, but what makes these global events so moving and inspiring are the individual struggles of our athletes and sports men and women.

Every medal, of whatever stripe, is a testament to hard work and will power; even those who didn’t win or place can still take pride in the fact that they achieved a performance level high enough to compete on the world stage.

To fail is no dishonour, in any walk of life.

Not to try at all would be the sin.

So I’m hoping that those of us who are never destined to climb a winner’s rostrum can still take some inspiration from those amazing men and women.

Our gold medal can be our health; our training schedule our lifestyle and the main event takes place every single day.

If the results of all the frantic hand-wringing and research bombshells of recent years have taught us anything, it’s that there is no substitute for living a healthy lifestyle.

Many of you will be on that course already, but statistics would suggest that most of us aren’t.

So if you’re one of the many good-intentioned but thus far unfulfilled pursuers of the good life; join me in taking some inspiration from our Olympian and Paralympian heroes and just change one bad habit to start with…

Call it a qualifying heat.

For those of you who have already answered the call more literally and perhaps taken on a new sport or a more energetic training regime, there is a new knee support available for those strains and tweaks that inevitably accompany physical activity.

Developed by British FA coach, John Sinclair, the JS Knee Support is a state of the art brace that can help the recovery process or simply provide that extra strength needed to carry on.

But it’s not just for athletes and sports injuries.

Designed to adjust to fit all sizes and suitable for all ages, the support can be used for children and seniors who are experiencing lack of stability or strength in the knee joints.

Knee support for all reasons

Unfortunately dodgy knees are not the worst we can expect from our senior years.

For more than a decade now the incidence of dementia in seniors has been on the rise.

Some experts put this down to a globally ageing population with a hugely increased longevity compared to previous generations; others point out that our detection and classification methods have become much more sophisticated.

Whatever the reason there is more chance than ever that each of us will experience dementia within our families at some point.

As with most diseases, early detection is essential to increase the chances of a positive outcome to any treatment.

As of today, of course, there is no cure; but we are learning how to stall and resist the onset of the disease if it’s caught early enough.

Eight warning signs of dementia

It makes sense for all of us to try to understand more about this terrible affliction so that we can face up to it if and when we must.

We should also do what we can to advance the research and treatment of dementia in any way possible.

So I make no apology for repeating a story from several weeks ago which offers you the opportunity to make yourself a ‘guinea-pig’ for dementia research.

Don’t worry though, it’s painless and anonymous and won’t even cost you anything; except perhaps your time.

It’s actually a game in which you make decisions in reaction to a variety of scenarios and directional puzzles.

The game records your responses along with your age and gender and adds the data from your playing activity into a vast database which is being used to set benchmarks for the skill sets used in the game.

All you have to do is download the app, give your details and permissions and play away.

Mobile game powers up dementia research

Two million like minded souls already have, why not join them?


Ken Benson


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