Bulimia.com gets real with fantasy toons

The eating disorder charity has published these parodies of in-game eye candy to underline the unnatural shapes of the women depicted.

They have been redrawn using the actual average measurements of real women.

Recent studies have shown that a growing proportion of young women are regular gamers and fans of fantasy anime.

It’s bad enough that they have to face advertisements and celebrity driven television programmes featuring underweight, sculpted, retouched and enhanced women as role models, without subjecting their online avatars to the same treatment.

Would this really make the characters any less appealing…?

Check out the bulimia.com website for more discussion.

.Christis Monteiro imageCortana imageHelena Douglas imageJade imageLara Croft imageNabooru imageSonya Blace imageRikku imageTina Lockhart image

Bikini Girl image

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