Four simple steps to fresher, cleaner skin

Wiping away the day’s makeup and grime is no easy matter, but there are better ways than harsh scrubbing or expensively branded chemical cleansers.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this subject is a little outside my wheelhouse and that there’s an argument to be had about whether ‘beauty tips’ even belong on a site that purports to focus purely on health and natural medicine.

But, as Mrs B so rationally put it to me this morning, it’s all very well being po-faced and purist about the subject, but good health and wellbeing is as much about looking after the personal things that matter and make us feel good as individuals as it is about strengthening our cardiovascular and immune systems.

For most women, especially, this includes looking their best and being comfortable in their skins.

This is why the nightly ritual of removing makeup and cleansing ourselves of the pollutants we are exposed to every day is such an important element of skin care.

Today’s cosmetics are formulated precisely to be hard to shift, particularly elements like mascara which are typically water resistant.

But they have to be removed to avoid the risk of clogged pores, spots and pimples, dull complexion and even accelerated ageing.

Many women, I am told, resort to variously rough scrubbing methods which literally scrape the extra layers away from the skin, leaving it feeling raw and exposed.

Some time ago, Mrs B discovered a different way to ensure a deeper cleanse more quickly and more gently, and a natural product to assist in the process.

The product is called Argan oil and is available as both a cleanser and moisturiser; you can read more about the product and its natural cleansing power here.


The Double Cleanse

The cleansing method is, of course, equally important and more and more women are adopting the ‘Double Cleanse’ also known as ‘Japanese Style’ cleansing because it comes to us from the Far East and Asia where ‘perfect’ skin is almost an obsession.

You may already be using an oil based makeup remover for hard to remove mascara and eye shadow; this is a little like using that on your entire face before traditional washing.

It is essentially a four step process using two cleansing agents.


Massage the oil cleanser all over your face before applying any water, ensure that you massage in an upward direction to help keep your face muscles toned.


Use water to emulsify the oil and rinse it away but do not use a harsh washcloth or scrub, hands only or a gentle muslin cloth to gently remove the oil which takes with it all the particulates of makeup and dirt.


Now wash again with a gentle soap or perhaps a foam or cream cleanser, it should be little effort to get your skin looking and feeling naturally clean so again, avoid using facecloths and scrubs.


Let the skin dry itself, there should be no need to use a towel, then apply your moisturiser or other skin care products which will now be even more effective because your skin has been totally cleared of any barriers.


Whatever products are your personal preference, this four step cleansing routine will ensure that you gently cleanse your skin completely of the days wear and tear leaving it able to relax and prepare itself for what tomorrow may bring.

Mrs B swears by the process and I can confirm she certainly looks good on it.



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