Now the olive oil diet proves itself against breast cancer

Research shows that eating a broadly Mediterranean diet with extra olive oil reduces breast cancer risk by 68%

A Spanish study has added to the growing evidence for the benefits of the Mediterranean diet by concluding that it is not only healthier for the body generally, but can reduce future health risks.

Using a research base of 4,282 women whose cases were followed over a six year period from 2003 to 2009 the study showed a marked reduction in the number of breast cancer cases where women were eating the Mediterranean diet with added extra virgin olive oil.

All of the women, aged between 60 and 80 years old, were considered high risk with an average BMI of 30.4 and all had been through menopause before they reached 55.

Within the group sticking to the ‘olive oil’ Mediterranean diet only 35 cases of malignant breast cancer developed, compared to 109 in the control group.

Another group adding extra nuts to their diet were also monitored but showed no significant reduction in cancer risk.

The diet itself substitutes oils for butter and fats, substitutes a large proportion of the meat content for fish and adds fresh nuts, berries, fruits and peppers.

Doctors and clinicians have already pointed to this style of eating as being the healthiest from a cardiovascular perspective and have even suggested that it can be more effective at reducing and controlling blood pressure than statins.

Clearly no research on its own can be regarded as conclusive but, as the Spanish team is quick to point out, the course of action it suggests is safe, healthy and a worthwhile lifestyle change in itself.

Should it also prove to offer some protection against breast cancer it would be an added bonus.




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