Those killer heels can turn a smoking look into scorching pain for long-suffering fashionistas

It’s always been the case that women, if they want to look fashionable, are forced to distort their natural shape into all sorts of painful contortions to meet the demands of haute couture.

From the bustled dress to the corset top, the underwired bra to skin tight pants, a predominantly male-dominated fashion industry has made women jump through hoops to maintain ‘the look’ of the day.

One constant over many decades of sacrifice made on the altar of fashion has been the wearing of high heels.

Ask any woman and she will tell you that wearing heels is a nightmare, it is an unnatural imposition on balance and posture which may look fabulous but, as the evidence shows, can be very damaging to the feet.

And it seems things are getting worse, not better.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre, the government’s official gatherer of data on health and welfare, has revealed that in the last decade cases of Morton’s Neuroma have more than doubled (115% increase) among middle aged women.

It is an extremely painful condition caused by the growth of fibrous tissue around the nerves, usually between the third and fourth toes on either foot, sometimes both feet.

It causes a constant irritation between the toes and a sharp shooting pain from the toe to the ball of the foot; sufferers describe it as ‘walking on razorblades’,

Treatments include painkillers to manage the discomfort and steroid injections to try and repair the damaged nerve.

In severe cases surgery is required to remove the growth (which is essentially a small tumour) or even cut out the nerve.

Makes you wonder if it’s all worth it, doesn’t it?



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